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Why I Want to Be…In Marketing

Posted by Caitie F on November 19, 2010

To see what this series is all about, check out the introduction post.

Marketing is an interesting part of the publishing world. When people think of book marketing, they tend to think of the big books, the books by Patterson or Grisham that actually get very large budgets. Yet all books need some level or marketing, even those that have a very small budget. Figuring out marketing plans for the mid level books is a challenge and requires creativity, which is why I am interesting in the area.

The marketing departments are responsible for figuring out how to spend the money – should it be on placement in stores (it costs money to get the book in the front, on a table, or even face out), should it go towards ad online, in magazines, or somewhere else; or should it just go towards advanced readers copies (ARCs)? The ARCs are usually distributed by publicity, by the budget for them can come from publicity or marketing (or both), it depends on the publishing house and its structure.

Being part of the marketing team also means you really need to know the market. What does the group watch on TV? Where do they go online? How can you target the people who will love the books in the best possible way? If you can’t figure that out, you probably won’t sell many copies. They also have to design the marketing pieces and know what will appeal to the audience. Oh and those great (or terrible) covers? Marketing has a big say in that also. And don’t forget about having to market eBooks now too (but people think they should cost much less than regular books even though they require more marketing money).

Marketing is all about achieving a balance between so many factors. I think marketing is an incredibly important aspect of publishing and that publishers need to figure out marketing in the digital age, and what can be turned into publicity instead. I would be great at helping figure out how to do that. I also see how ads are only useful with certain demographics and certain books. I can formulate plans that make the least amount of money go the furthest, which is really the whole goal.

I also understand what people want out of their book covers. They are sick of the same thing on every cover and want a cover that is appealing. They also DON’T want any white washing…so I would be able to help them pick out covers that keep this from happening. Readers are diverse and want their covers diverse also.

I think I would really be able to help move marketing into the current times and would love the opportunity.

What do you think of what publishers are doing now with marketing? Do you see flaws or have you seen something lately that you love? Let me know in the comments!



One Response to “Why I Want to Be…In Marketing”

  1. :) said

    My pet peeve is all those covers where the main character’s face is not shown, obscured, and/or cut off so you can’t see the eyes.

    Maybe you know why they do this? It annoys me, but I’m pretty sure they must think it attracts readers somehow.


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