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The Best Part of Halloween!

Posted by Caitie F on October 28, 2010

My favorite thing about Halloween was trick or treating. Not for the costumes or going around the neighborhood, but for the candy. I have a sweet tooth, so it was always fun. My parents were good about making us ration it out and not pig out in a couple days, so it would usually last until right around Christmas.

We had a great time trick or treating. I grew up on a dead end street, but on the other side of the dead end street was a moderately wealthy (and large) neighborhood and we would go there. My mom would usually go with my older brother and I house to house. Once we hit middle school and brought friends the parents would wait at the end of a street, let us do the street then walk with us to the next one.

I stopped trick or treating once I hit high school, and since then I hit up Target and CVS 5 days after Halloween to get all the leftover candy on super discount sale.

I thought I would talk about the best (and worst) of the candy in my opinion at least.

Bit O Honey and Mary Janes – Let me just get it out there, these were the WORST. No one likes them. They would always go straight into the garbage at our house. Why would anyone give these things out? Maybe it is the whole “give out things you don’t like so you don’t eat it all” but I think it was just mean.

Twix: The holy grail of candy for me. How can you not love Twix – it is a cookie + chocolate+ caramel therefore it = bliss. Only a few house ever had these, but they continue to be my favorite candy bars.

Snickers: Now I have never been a fan of Snickers, but I liked getting them on Halloween. How does that make any sense? Well they were one of the ultimates for trading with my brother or other kids at school. Most kids loved them so I could get some of my favorites in return.

Reese’s: The awesomeness of Reese’s really depended on what kind they were. The small individually wrapped in foil were meh (but as an adult, they are my favorite). The one cup package was good. The Reese’s pumpkins were by far the best. So much peanut butter goodness. I try to find a store that sells them individually each year just to enjoy one.

Bite Sized candy bars. Again, as a kid, these bugged me since they were so small (though people usually let you have two). Now, I love them. They are one of the first things I look for in my post-Halloween shopping because I am trying to be healthy (but still need my sugar!)

Caramel Apple Pops: Have you ever had these? If not, you are missing out. I got one of these the last year I ever trick or treated and I thought they were delicious. I sometimes buy them when it is not Halloween!

Tootsie Rolls: Lots of kids I knew didn’t like getting these, but I enjoyed them (as long as I didn’t get 40). They were small, but delicious and you could make them last a while.

Blow Pops, Tootie Roll Pops, and Dum Dums: Lollipops were another favorite of mine. They lasted longer and had so many different flavors. There weren’t any bad flavors that everyone hated, so you could usually trade for your favorites.

The Special houses: You know the ones I am talking about. They have the different stuff and different in a good way. One house had full sized candy bars. The people who owned a local potato chip company lived in the development and gave out bags of chips. The first house we hit in the other development had something special depending on the weather. If it was a warm Halloween, they would be passing out ice pops. If it was cold, hot chocolate or cider (and they always gave some to the parents too).

Our street would also have special candy since we were such a small street. Well, there would be two containers. One would have regular candy to give out to kids that didn’t live on the street, but there was another with specially made bags for all the kids on the street that had the really good stuff.

What is your favorite candy? What did you just toss out? Let me know in the comments!



8 Responses to “The Best Part of Halloween!”

  1. Em said

    The candy that is often listed on the “worst” lists of halloween candy are generally my favorites. In good news, this means that I always get the candy that everyone throws away. Good & Plenty, Mary Janes, black jelly beans. Yum.

  2. Amanda said


    My favorite Halloween candy (which doesn’t often come in trick-o-treating) is the Reeses pumpkins. Mmm. But in the bags (because yes, I do sift through my kids’ candy), my favorites are M&Ms (plain), Hershey minatures, anything Dove, pretty much most things chocolate (unless it has nuts in it).

    The best part is that my husband doesn’t really like chocolate, so he takes all the stuff most people don’t want to find in their baskets, like the stuff Em mentioned above. Between the two of us, we balance out. 😀 Usually, though, we allow everyone to take a handful of their favorite candies and then we send the rest to Jason’s work. Buckets of candy around the house is a BAD THING.

  3. Linda said

    I love Bit O’Honey. It’s so hard to find. I would have been a happy kid getting all your leftovers! I usually like a few pieces of candy then I get bored. It doesn’t matter what it is-chocolate, bit of honey, licorice-I only want a little bit. I do buy candy after halloween. If were up to me it would still be around til next Halloween but my hubby’s got a sweet tooth and eats all the candy in the house!

  4. Meg said

    Mmm, caramel apple pops! YES! I haven’t thought about those in years, but they’re fabulous. Also, you’re totally right about Bit O’ Honey and Mary Janes — I can’t stand those! My mom loves them, though. Weird, huh?

    I’d be most thrilled when spying Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Tootsie Rolls in my trick-or-treat bag. Funny that now, as an adult, that’s why I find myself buying at Target… you know, for all the “kids” that come by my house. We average about 10 per year, so guess who gets to chow down on all the leftovers?

  5. AmyKB said

    In my house Halloween candy only lasted about two days, because there was no governing by my mom. However, this was because my brother and I only liked like 5 types of candy each, and the rest would go into a big bowl that sat on the counter for guests to enjoy until Christmas when it got thrown out. But, my brother and I liked completely different things, so trading was very easy (none of the schools I went to allowed you to bring candy, so no trading there). I got the 3 Musketeers, Twix, Milky Way, Peppermint Patties, Hershey’s plain chocolate, and anything like jujubes/twizzlers/chewy fruits. My brother got Nestle Crunch, anything with peanut butter, M&Ms, smarties/spree, Hershey kisses, and Mike & Ikes. Neither of us ate anything with nuts (like Snickers), so those usually went to mom.

  6. My absolute favorite is anything Reeses, closely followed by Snickers. Luckily for me, my boys are pretty pick about the candy they like. They might munch on their Halloween candy for a week or so but then they get bored!

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