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Fright Fest: What Scares Me

Posted by Caitie F on October 27, 2010

Frights Fest is being hosted by Jenn’s Bookshelves. Go check out all the spooky posts!

It is almost Halloween so I have been thinking of all the creepy things that scare me,,,and I am a wuss!

Scary Movies

I cannot watch scary movies. At all. The scariest I can handle is Sixth Sense level, so more suspense than really scary. Anything more than that and I can’t sleep. The worst are the things like Paranormal Activity or Saw. Things that could actually happen.  I know myself enough to know that I just shouldn’t watch it! Name a scary movie, most likely I have never seen it. I am not scared of the slasher films, but I saw 10 minutes of one and it made me queasy so those are out too!


Of all of the creatures, zombies creep me out the most, especially if they are the kind that can move fast. The slow ones, ok as long as there isn’t a zombie apocalypse, maybe I could handle them, I do know to aim for the head, but they are still freaky. They freak me out so much because they are people you know who have lost their humanity and just want to eat your brains.

That said, i just finished Zombies vs Unicorns and I may be Team Zombie just because the stories were cool. Not to say the Unicorn stories weren’t cool, they were, but Maureen Johnson and Libba Bray wrote zombie stories!@ Go read the book, it rocks.


I know this fear is COMPLETELY irrational. They are teeny tiny little things and almost ll of them don’t mess with us, but they all creep me out. I don’t like how they crawl on your skin sometimes. I shudder just thinking of it.


I don’t get why people think vampires are sexy. They aren’t, they are scary. They have super human powers like speed and strength and can kill you really easily. They long for one of the main things that keeps us alive! That said, I can handle vampire genre better than others because they always try to tell us they aren’t as bad as humans (aka True Blood but I am a season behind). Still, I don’t get the appeal and find them so scary that we can’t watch True Blood at night.


Any monsters that are out to get humans scare me quite a bit too. Whether it is the monster from Frankenstein, or the creature from the Black Lagoon, I think it is scary. If it goes after people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, I think it might be the scariest of them all. You don’t have to do something wrong or associate with the wrong people/beings. You are just taking a stroll with your sweetheart on a sunny day on a lane and it gets you. How is that NOT scary?

What are you afraid of? Let me know in the comments!


**On Halloween I am going to do a post about what I am truly afraid of, the things that don’t go bump in the night. Well, maybe Sunday. We are going to the Rally for Sanity on Saturday, so it may be late**


2 Responses to “Fright Fest: What Scares Me”

  1. I haaaate scary movies too. I never see them if I can help it. Suspense movies are ok, but straight up horror films are just awful. No thanks 🙂

  2. Obviously, I’m not afraid of scary movies or vampires or zombies, but I am deathly afraid of heights. Even some escalators creep me out. It’s a completely irrational fear, but that doesn’t stop me.

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