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Why I Want To Be An . . . Editor

Posted by Caitie F on October 19, 2010

To see what this series is all about go to the introduction post.

So why I want to be an editor is pretty easy. This is the “Holy Grail” or the publishing program. On the first day of the introduction class we went around saying what we wanted to do in publishing. All but two people said an editor of some kind. Everyone wants to be an editor, at least when they start. By the end of the class, many people had opened up their minds to other parts of publishing that they enjoyed more.

I am interested in being an editor for many reason.

1. Working with authors. Authors are great people. They do something that I could never do. They can be difficult to work with, but they are brilliant people. I want to help their brilliance shine. Their works are their babies, it is hard for them to see what is wrong or what can be done to make it go from good to great and I really want to help them. The editor is the person at the publishing house with a relationship with the author. Editors are also the champion of the book and try to get everyone else as excited as they are.

2. Working with all parts of the process. Editors get to have some input on everything. They look at the big picture for a book from the beginning and work with everyone else. I like thinking about the big picture and not just if commas are used correctly, though that is important too. They can give overall direction to the different departments and help along every step.

3. Something different every day. Since editors are working on different projects, they really do something different every single day. They could have a board meeting one day, trying to convince everyone that their book needs to be published. Later that day, they are reading a manuscript and making comments to send back to the author. The next day, they could be hopping on a plane to go to a conference where they get to look for new talent.

4. Setting trends. Editors get to tell people what the next big thing is and set the trends. If it wasn’t for editors, vampires would not be taking over the book shelves, TVs, and movie theaters. Okay, that may not be the best example because vampires bug me, but now you know who to blame :-D. They also decide when a trend is over and has run its course. *hint hint on the vampires and werewolves here*.

Those are just four reasons I would love to be an editor. I could write at least four more.
What do you think would be most or least appealing about being an editor? Let Me know in the comments!

Next week, I will talk about why I want to be in Marketing!



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