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TSS: A Controversial Post

Posted by Caitie F on October 17, 2010

I hope everyone has had a good week and weekend. Mine was pretty nice, I really wish I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow.

Just know that if you read the rest of this, know you might be offended. Know that I don’t really care if I have offended you. This is a place for me to post my thoughts and right now I am frustrated and disgusted.

So today’s post was inspired by a post put up by Maureen Johnson on conservative Christianity and gay rights. Maureen had some great things to say and you should really check it out, but some of the comments pissed me off big time.

For an introduction to what I will be talking about today, here is my comment on the post:

“Anyone who says “I love my gay friends, but they are choosing it” really bug me. Why do they think anyone would choose something that makes them ridiculed, terrorized, and regularly told they are going to hell? It is not a choice and as long as anyone is saying it is there is something seriously wrong.

Anyone who uses the Bible as backing it, do you believe everything in the Bible? That stoning people is okay? That people should be put to death for not keeping the Sabbath (and oh, if you are online and a Christian today, a Sunday, good job you aren’t keeping the Sabbath as the Bible intended it).

But hey, if you want to continue to be brain washed by what a bunch of bigoted men said over 2000 years ago, go for it, but the rest of us don’t have to respect or be kind to your beliefs, especially if you continue to claim ignorant things.”

I am sure I will get blasted for what I said, but I am going to stick by it 100%. All of the holy books were written a long time ago by the people in charge. Minorities didn’t get a say. Women definitely didn’t get any input into any of the writing and the laws. It was the rulers that wrote it. And you can believe that it was written by man through God, that is fine, but there has been evidence that there were gospels written by women that were thrown out. Men were the ones that chose to do that, not God.

I am so sick of people quoting the part of the ancient texts that suit what opinions they already have. I grew up believing in a pick and choose Bible. I saw that a lot of things in it (like the above stoning and putting to death) was out-of-date and took from it what I saw as being the most important messages “Love thy neighbor”, “do unto others”, and the overall message of being a kind, caring individual. I stopped going to church after the priest was preaching politics on a regular basis. I didn’t think a celibate man should be telling me what I should do with my body, and if I was against the right to choose, it would be because of what I believe, not because men have told me what to believe.

I am sick of anyone using religion to push people to make laws. As Maureen said so well, that is not what our country is about.

Worship however you want to worship, but keep it to yourselves, your family, and your friends who want to hear it. More and more I think unitarianism is the way to go. . . if I ever have children, I hope that is how we raise them.

We will be back to our regularly scheduled book talk tomorrow.


4 Responses to “TSS: A Controversial Post”

  1. This reminds me of something a good friend of mine told me. When her nephew told her he is gay, she said, “You’ve chosen a difficult lifestyle.” He replied that he didn’t choose it – it’s the way he was born.

    • Caitie F said

      It is those comments that are the worst to me. I see how hard it is for people who are gay and I know they have not chosen anything, just as much as I did not choose to be heterosexual. It makes me so sad that people aren’t more understanding – especially of teenagers who have the courage to be who they are

  2. Amanda said

    What really bothers me is people quoting parts of the bible without reading other parts. There were so many things in the old testament that we weren’t supposed to do. Things we all do now and the church has no problem with. Supposedly the new testament wiped out all the old testament, so why are we still quoting the old testament when it comes to gay rights? It’s just stupid and hypocritical.

  3. amymckie said

    Hear hear. People quote specific passages they feel helps them, and ignore the rest. Frustrating!

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