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Why I Want To Be A … Series Intro

Posted by Caitie F on September 29, 2010

In my goal to write more about publishing, I am going to do a weekly series for the next month or so talking about the different areas in publishing and why I would want to work there. I am not 100% sure of all of the areas I want to cover, but here is a tentative list:


Then I will end the series on why I do not want to be a writer, since most people seem to think that if you work in publishing it is just because you want to write. While talking about why I want to do the jobs, I hope I can give everyone a little more insight into what each job does.

Today I want to talk about why publishing.

My love of reading started when I was three. When I was in fifth grade, I was interested in how a book got published. I had to do an independent study project every year for TAG, so I decided to research how a book got published. I wish I was at my parents so I could scan the pictures and show you some of what I did. I found out about the process and even interview an author – Brian Cleary who did the “It could be Verse” series.

I didn’t really think about publishing after that until college when I was an English major and didn’t have a direction. I took one class because I thought it would be interesting and changed my major one week after the class started. There were so many different jobs within publishing, which made me interested right away. It is also not too difficult to move to different jobs once you are at a company. As someone with a wide variety of interests, it seems perfect.

What really got me was that some books that I was reading that were just bad. I don’t want to go into specifics, but books that were so formulaic; books that had horrible, unrealistic voices (especially YA); and books that were just plain bad. I knew they could be better. I also knew that there are some amazing writers out there that get market and get voice. I wanted to help find them. I wanted to help make their great stories and ideas even better and help them get out to the most people and the right people.

Every class and internship solidified that it was an industry for me. Hopefully it will all work out!


6 Responses to “Why I Want To Be A … Series Intro”

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