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The Sunday Salon: A Horrible Ending to a Great Week

Posted by Caitie F on September 19, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week made for a great week in blogging. I added about 150 new blogs to my reader, I got some great recommendations, and I was able to comment on a lot of new blogs. I am still running a giveaway and, as of now, two people will win. Get your entry in by tomorrow if you want a chance at some great books!

It all came crashing down when I left work. I turned on my phone and saw a text from my mom “Grandpa is not doing well. The doctor’s give him two days at most”. I spent my drive home crying and calling my family. I came home and just cried for a while. He has been sick for a couple years, but I still wasn’t expecting it so soon. I am happy that it ended up being one of the least painful ways to die, knowing that it didn’t hurt much makes me feel better, but it just sucks that I couldn’t say goodbye. I asked my mom if we should drive teh 8 hours to say goodbye, but she said he wouldn’t even know I was in the room.

He passed away at 2:15 Saturday morning. There isn’t going to be a funeral or a memorial service or anything so I am in NJ grieving on my own. Jason barely knew him, so while he is sad for me, he isn’t sad in the same way. I barely knew my grandpa because he was  a a quiet, private person, but he was always there when we needed him. The last couple of years he started trying to get to know everyone a little more – maybe he had regrets about not knowing us well, I don’t know.

We are visiting Ohio in November and while we are there we will be spreading his ashes. It just seems like a long time to get any closure. Funerals and memorials don’t make you feel better, but I do think they begin the grieving process. It also helps being able to be close to your family. I know I will be okay and I know that it is much harder for his wife, my mom, and my uncle and I hate that I can’t do anything for them to make them feel better.

I haven’t really read that much this weekend – I chose to have friends around as a distraction instead of a book and I think they did a good job. He loved to read. i may ask Nancy if I can have some of his favorite books so I can read some of the things he loved.

If you still have any grandparents, try to give them a call this week and tell them you love them, I called my grandma this weekend. See if you can take them out for a meal or spend some time together. They lived through some amazing times. i wish I had asked my grandpa more about being a pilot and growing up in a shipping family. Don’t have that regret.


5 Responses to “The Sunday Salon: A Horrible Ending to a Great Week”

  1. I’m so sorry to read about your loss – it was a terrible way to end your week.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Reading some of the books he loved sounds like a wonderful way to remember him.

  3. Amanda said

    Three years ago, my grandpa died, and last year, my aunt. It’s such a horrible, painful process and I wish I could give you more than internet hugs. 😦

  4. My condolences Catie! (and my condolences to all those who lost a loved one here in the comments) Recently my great aunt passed away and I regret not learning more about her life. We really do need to spend more time talking to our loved ones and listening to them.

    *big hug*

  5. I’m sorry to read about your grandfather, especially it being sort of unexpected. That’s always hard 😦

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