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Wizard Rock

Posted by Caitie F on August 3, 2010

Yes, this actually exists. It is music about Harry Potter and songs from the perspective of characters from the series. No, the songs are not called “I Love Harry Potter”, they are songs about the things all music is about – love, friendship, life, and hardships.

There is also a lot of humor and commentary on social issues – several bands write songs on gay rights and the importance of being yourself.

It isn’t all child appropriate , one band is called The Whomping Willows and is from the perspective of the tree. He is one of the more “adult” bands and has songs called “I’m a Whore for Dumbledore”, “I’ve Had Harry Potter Inside of Me” and  has done a rap EP that is quite entertaining.

A lot of the bands are fantastic musicians and write songs that are not about Harry Potter and it has really gotten me into a lot of different types of music.

There is one site ( that has a LOT of information including bands broken down by location or name. The sites all have music on the pages (usually MySpace) that you can listen to.

Here are some of my favorites highlighted

Creevey Crisis
– Russ does harder rock

Draco and the Malfoys – Brian and Brandon do a lot of funny songs

Ministry of Magic – They do dance music – the “boy band” of wizard rock (complete with fangirls!). They also do some awesome collaborations with other bands.

The Moaning Myrtles– Lauren and Nina do a lot of comedy (I mean their character is dead..) and have great harmonies. Lauren and Nina are doing solo stuff now, which is also awesome (Lauren has a Firefly song)

The Mudbloods – just retired, but has great pop music – both HP and not

The Remus Lupins – Alex writes mostly pop songs with rock influence and is one of the biggest bands out there. He and some guys from the Ministry of Magic have started recording a few songs calling themselves The Oceanic 6 and had Lost songs

RiddleTM – Sisters from the UK. (For Jo is their best song)

Tonks & the Aurors – Steph is the Bruce Springsteen of wizard rock

It is a really fun genre of music full of amazing people. Do you know any wizard rock? What do you think of it (it is okay if you don’t like it, I won’t judge you!)?

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