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The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Posted by Caitie F on April 13, 2010

Title: The Lonely Hearts Club

Author: Elizabeth Eulberg

Publisher: Point

Hardcover: 320 pages

ISBN: 0545140315

Rating: +++++

Summary (from Booklist):

After a devastating betrayal by the boy she thought she was destined to be with forever, Penny Lane Bloom (who fortunately inherited her parents’ love of the Beatles to go with her name) swears off guys and quietly starts the Lonely Hearts Club. To her surprise, many of her girlfriends are also sick of high-school guys and want to join—even Diane, Penny’s former best friend and one-half of the school’s power couple until a recent, amicable breakup. The club grows and becomes an influential social force as members meet every Saturday night, go to dances together, and support one another in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. But conflict arises when the school administration fears the group is getting too powerful and “making the boys feel bad,” and Penny finds herself torn between her no-boy pledge and the courteous advances of one of the nicest guys she knows—who happens to be Diane’s ex-boyfriend. This first novel will be a draw for readers looking for an upbeat take on friendship, empowerment, and finding romance without losing yourself. Grad


I won this book in a contest, and I entered all of the contests I could find to get it so I could have a copy. I thought the concept sounded fresh and empowering. I am so glad that it delivered.

First of all, I think every high school girl should read this book. Seriously, it needs to be on some required reading lists because it has amazing messages and is something they can almost all relate to in some way.

I loved the style of the writing in the book. It was fun, thoughtful, and felt very genuine. I remember being in high school and these girls (and guys) talked like my friends and I did. I loved how, even though guys being jerks started The Lonely Hearts Club, it turned into being there for your friends and supporting them in whatever it is that they want to do. How much time did we all waste those years worrying about boys that treated us badly? How many of us were ditched by a best friend for a guy, just like Penny was? Too much time was spent, and it happened to too many of us.

If there had been a Lonely Hearts Club at my school, I would have joined…which is ironic because most of my friends were guys. But that was the great thing about this book, they didn’t have to stop being friends with guys or anything like that, they just had to make time for each other, and themselves, also. It was about realizing that you don’t need a boyfriend and that you are your own person. Even though I am married now, it still resonated with me and reminded me to keep time for my girlfriends and myself.

I wish I knew more high school girls because I would give them this book to read. If you know any, go get it for them and see what they have to say about it. It is a great story, a fun and quick read, and all of the Beatles references are a lot of fun!

I have heard that Elizabeth has another book in the works, and I know I will be checking it out, she is really great!


4 Responses to “The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg”

  1. I loved this book, too! I passed my copy onto my 83 year old mother and she loved it too, so it’s a book for all ages.

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