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What Should I Read This Week?

Posted by Caitie F on March 27, 2010

Reading With Tequila started this weekly post a while ago, and has been nice enough to let me do it too! If you have not checked out her version, what are you waiting for?

I am slightly changing it up. I have way too many books on my to-read list, so I am going to present you with four books from the list that I own. Leave me a comment with what i should read next, and I will read it next!

In this “prequel” to J. M. Barrie’s 1911 novel, authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson offer possible explanations for mysteries such as why Peter Pan doesn’t grow up, how Never Land came to be, and the secrets behind the magic of flight, among others. Peter and a small group of boys from St. Norbert’s Home for Wayward Boys orphanage are sent on the dilapidated ship Never Land to the island of Rundoon, but their ship is attacked and sank by the infamous pirate Black Stache. Peter and his friends find themselves stranded on an island with fellow passenger Molly Aster and her amazing family secret, a village of natives who don’t like strangers, and sailors and pirates who are determined not to let a group of children stop them from obtaining a mysterious black trunk and it’s unexpected treasure.

I know he lied about it, but I have also heard as a novel, it is pretty good, so I want to check it out.

The story involves a professor who leads his nephew and hired guide down a volcano in Iceland to the “center of the Earth“. They encounter many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy.

A man of infinite jest, Pocket has been Lear’s cherished fool for years, from the time the king’s grown daughters—selfish, scheming Goneril, sadistic (but erotic-fantasy-grade-hot) Regan, and sweet, loyal Cordelia—were mere girls. So naturally Pocket is at his brainless, elderly liege’s side when Lear—at the insidious urging of Edmund, the bastard (in every way imaginable) son of the Earl of Gloucester—demands that his kids swear their undying love and devotion before a collection of assembled guests. Of course Goneril and Regan are only too happy to brownnose Dad. But Cordelia believes that her father’s request is kind of … well … stupid, and her blunt honesty ends up costing her her rightful share of the kingdom and earns her a banishment to boot.

Let me know in the comments what I should read next!


8 Responses to “What Should I Read This Week?”

  1. Jason said

    Peter and the Star Catchers because I want to read Fool and Journey, don’t care about Million Little Pieces, but want to know if Peter is worth the time.

  2. Amanda said

    I’ve actually not heard of any of these books, but I’ve heard Christopher Moore is funny.

  3. I haven’t read any of these, but I vote for Fool.

  4. Amy K B said

    I love JM Barrie’s works, and vote for that one. :o)

  5. Joel said

    Pirate book!

  6. Jess P said

    I vote for Peter and the Starcatchers because how can a book with an infamous pirate named Black Stache go wrong? 😉 Although, a remix of King Lear by Christopher Moore has serious potential too.

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