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TSS What Else Do You Do For Fun?

Posted by Caitie F on February 21, 2010

It was another crazy week. I went to my internship three days, so I didn’t read very much. When I read all day, it takes some of the fun out of reading at home. I am still reading Blink, but it should be done this week and I cannot wait to review it. When a book makes me question things as much as this did, it is a lot of fun to talk about!

I thought I would talk about something else that I like to do for fun. Reading tends to be a pretty solitary activity, which is a big reason we have book clubs and book blogs. What do you do when you are with your friends? Go to movies, clubs, or concerts? Do you have a favorite place to hang out?

For me, I play board games. I have always loved them, but lately I have been playing them a lot more often. In September, I was trying to find a way to meet some new people because I didn’t really have any friends here and my husband’s friends all have kids so we never see them anymore. I went to and started looking for things I might like and found a board game group.

Side note: is amazing. If you are looking for things to do, go check it out. I found a book club, a social group, and this there. I highly recommend it, especially if you are nervous about meeting new people. I think most people who use realize that it is hard to make new friends and are more open and friendly.

The group met on a Saturday in Panera about fifteen minutes from our house. We went and met the organizer of the group and a few other people showed up…who we now have over at least once a month in addition to going to the official meetups twice a month. The group keeps growing and we have met a ton of great people. We had one yesterday, got there at three and left at 10:30 and that is what usually happens!

We play a lot of the traditional games – Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Boggle, and other like that, but I have also gotten to learn a lot of awesome new games. My favorite is probably Settlers of Catan. Settlers is a great strategy game where you build settlements, roads, and cities in order to get Victory Points. You can also do things to keep others from getting points. It is such a great game and if you haven’t tried it, you really should! There is a new version coming out in june that I am very excited about. Do you have any great games to recommend?

I was not surprised that one thing we talk about a lot when we get together is books. Most of us are avid readers and we have a wide variety of tastes. From the people in the group, I realized that I like science fiction a lot more than I thought I did, which is great because the agent I work with likes science fiction a lot. They are also introducing me to new movies and television shows that I would have ignored before.

So what else do you do for fun? I would love to hear in the comments!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


One Response to “TSS What Else Do You Do For Fun?”

  1. I love board games, so your group sounds like a lot of fun! I like to go to the movies, play games and go out to eat for fun.

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