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Shopping! (mostly at B&N)

Posted by Caitie F on November 27, 2009

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Did anyone wake up at the crack of dawn to go shopping? I didn’t! We didn’t get up until 8:30 and didn’t really get going until 9:15. I figured that we were not trying to get the door-busters, just the early-bird deals (which lasted until 1pm at Kohl’s).

I got my husband a new winter coat that I saved $64 on (he knows that he is getting it, so I can post) and frames for wedding pictures, while he went over to Barnes & Noble. I was only at Kohl’s for 20 minutes, so I walked over to the bookstore too. I got him a few Channakuh gifts and his birthday gift (his birthday is Dec 28 – I feel bad because it usually gets overshadowed). He spent over an hour looking for things for me…and got all my gifts there! He said it wasn’t ALL books, but I am very excited!

There is one thing I know he got me, since I have been pointing it out every time I see it lately (he tells me I never tell him anything I want). It is the book 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up. I love the book that lists 1001 general books and since I love children’s and YA books, I thought it would be perfect! I hope it will help me find some gems for the YA challenge. I can’t wait to get it – I really hope he gives it to me during the Channakuh celebration (which means he will probably make me wait!).

I also got him a video game he has wanted for a while – I only have to get a few more things and I am completely done!

Our friend who runs a board gamers group in Princeton opened his store today, so we went and checked it out. We bought two games (for us). The first is called Fluxx Monthy Python Edition (a card game) and the second is Shakespeare, a Bard Game. You are a theatre entrepreneur and you have to put on one of Shakepeare’s plays – you need to get actors together, find props, get a patron, and of, course, get a LOT of money. We love strategy games and love The Bard, so we figured it would be perfect for us! His store was nice – he just needs some trivia games and some more popular games to get in people who aren’t hardcore board gamers (the Shakespeare game was done in Germany…and he has a lot of foreign games). I really hope he does well!

Did you go shopping and score any great deals? Is anyone else almost done? Let me know in the comments and enjoy your weekend!


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