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Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson

Posted by Caitie F on October 22, 2009

Title: Prom
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: Puffin (Penguin)
Year Published: 0142405701
Rating: +++++

From the Publisher

“Ashley Hannigan doesn’t particularly care about the prom, but she’s the exception. It’s pretty much the only good thing that happens in her urban Philadelphia high school, and everyone plans to make the most of it–especially Ash’s best friend, Natalia, who’s the head of the committee and has prom stars in her eyes.

Then the faculty advisor is busted for taking the prom money. Suddenly, Ash finds herself roped into putting together a gala dance out of absolutely nada. But she has help–from her large and loving (if exasperating!) family, from Nat’s eccentric grandmother, from the principal, from her fellow classmates. And in making the prom happen, Ash learns some surprising things about making her life happen, too.

Like Ashley –and like the rest of Laurie Halse Anderson’s award-winning work–Prom is funny, tough, sweet, down-to0earth, and speaks to teen readers in a voice they’ll recognize as their own.

My review

I don’t know why I picked this book up, I think someone recommended it a while ago and it has been on my list. As I read the back cover I was not sure about the book and put off starting it. Well I picked it up today and finished it today! The book was fantastic!

Ashley is a “normal” girl. She lives in an urban area and going away to college is rare. Her high school has metal detectors which has kept the knives out of the building. She doesn’t really like school and gets herself into trouble and a lot of detentions.

What makes this book so great is that it doesn’t hide the imperfections of teenage life. There are drugs – but Ash does not do them and gets her friends away from dangerous situations. There is sex – nothing graphic, they take clothes off and go under covers and passing out condoms is a big controversy for the prom. There is smoking and drinking…nothing too excessive, but what is normal for teenagers.

The publishers described Ash’s family perfectly – eccentric but loving. She may get annoyed by them, but you can tell how much they all love each other and that they will be there for each other when in need. She also loves her friends. She may say that she doesn’t know why she decides to help, but it is because she knows her friends need this prom, need this chance to have a night when their lives are better.

I also enjoyed it just because I was on prom committee junior year and it was crazy…but nothing compared to this! It brought back some very happy memories!

If you were putting it off like I was, stop and go get this book! I can’t wait to read her other books now!


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