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General Musings and a challenge

Posted by Caitie F on October 19, 2009

I am on my break at work, and I realize that I have not posted a blog in a long time (basically since this temp job started). The worst part is that I have not been reading at all. Since my last post, I have read 3 books, two YAs and on by Douglas Coupland. I was spoiled by that time off…I could read as much as I wanted.I can’t wait to get a real job in publishing for many many reasons…but one of them is having a commute on a bus! Now I drive, but once I am on a bus that is an extra two hours a day to read!

Now I am working on What Maisie Saw by Henry James. I know that this book will take me a while no mater what because James is not an easy author to read, I am only 30 pages into it, but I am really liking it! I look forward to reviewing it!

My husband saw that I was reading that book and said, “Why would anyone willingly read a Henry James book?” It turns out he read two Henry James books in high school and hated them. So far, I don’t understand why not.

What makes us just hate certain writing styles? I will never read another Toni Morrison book. I read The Bluest Eye and Beloved and I struggled through them both. Part of my dislike is for her – she is from a town right next to the one I grew up in and made a lot of money writing about it and does not give back (and the kids there need help and inspiration). Most of it was for the writing and the stories. I know so many people who love her books and I just don’t see it at all!

Do you have any authors that you will never read again? Any idea why?

In other news, I am starting my first challenge to myself. If you noticed, I have pages where I list the books reviewed by title and author. I am challenging myself to have a book in every letter in both pages!

PS- I will be posting about my first contest soon…so be on the lookout!


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