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Kanye West strikes again.

Posted by Caitie F on September 14, 2009

So by now it seems that the entire world knows that Kanye West was a huge jerk last night and ruined Taylor Swift’s big moment. Why am I writing about it in a publishing blog? Because we shouldn’t be surprised that he has no respect for anyone or anything, including books.

He recently wrote a book entitled Thank You and You’re Welcome that offers his “optimistic philosophy on life” (Link) Even though he has written a book and wants people to buy his book he has said “I am a proud non-reader of books.” And his mother was an English professor.

So here is a guy who has no respect for books, yet goes out and writes one, and while talking about it, says that books are a waste. I hope that no one has gone out and bought his book. I don’t know who would want a book of philosophy from someone who thinks it is acceptable to humiliate a teenage girl, but I also don’t know why someone would go out and buy a book by someone who says that reading is pointless.

He devalues education and literacy, two things that the people who listen to his music (especially children) cannot live without. He seems proud to have dropped out of college and that isn’t a message anyone needs to hear. I know some people like his music and will say things like “he never asked to be a role model” but as someone who is in the public eye, he needs to realize that he is one, whether he likes it or not. There are probably some kids who will look at what he said and think ‘If Kanye doesn’t read, then I don’t have to’. I just hope there are parents and teachers and positive role models to counteract the effect this thinking can have on a society.

Let’s hope that his rudeness towards Taylor Swift will remind everyone that he is nothing but someone starving for attention.


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