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Posted by Caitie F on September 8, 2009

My name is Catherine Flum and I am going to write about publishing. There are so many aspects of publishing and I plan on covering most of them – including stock market values of certain companies, where companies are headed, and what is new and innovative.

I recently graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Publishing Studies. Hofstra is the only university with an undergraduate program in publishing, and the program is amazing. I took classes in theory, book promotion, production, editing, and children’s literature. All of my professor’s are (or have been) in the industry including the former president and C.E.O. of McGraw-Hill, Dr. Alexander Burke, who founded the program, the head of Digital Media at Simon & Schuster, Susan Fleming-Holland, and three professionals who freelance their work in production, editing college textbooks, and editing children’s books.

In this program I wrote complete marketing reports which included the author questionnaire, the tip (or fact) sheet, the marketing plan, the catalogue page, the pitch letter, and the press release all for a title that I came up with. I also had to develop a book idea for a non-fiction book and developed that from concept to design plan and even had to make a profit-loss statement for it. I edited using but substantive editing and copy-editing for non-fiction and fiction selections, wrote tactful author letters, and performed a few Scan Reports and Reader’s Reports. I was the editor-in-chief of a semester long project where we took a fiction anthology from manuscript form and deleted selections; wrote an editorial plan, design plan, and publicity/marketing plan; we implemented these plans; and did a digital chapter of one of the sections. Through the process I was responsible for making the schedule and running the weekly meeting, making sure everyone was on task, and helping with any problems that occurred while individuals were doing their jobs.

I was a Digital Media Intern at Hachette Book Group USA for a summer. At Hachette, I converted backlist titles into eBook format, which resulted in 184 titles being released in eBook format in November. I also created ISBN’s for those 184 titles and learned their system so I would be able to do them efficiently. In addition to that, I created monthly newsletter for accounts to advertise new titles and chose books to discount. I proofed around 150 EBooks for errors in the text and pricing. I updated the prices of all EBooks to reflect a change in policy, then checked with accounts to make sure the changes were implemented. I got some sales analysis experience when I tracked eBook sales and prepared an analysis to demonstrate the profitability of these titles.I also attended weekly department meetings to learn more about the digital aspects of publishing.

In addition to sharing publishing news and innovations, I will also be doing book reviews. If you have a book you would like me to review, please reply or send me a message.


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